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M-LEARN eLearning platform is the educational “library” that will include material from all activities held within this European program. The platform includes content and videos from the teachers training that took place in Birmingham at Hamstead Hall Academy in July 2014. It also includes the content and videos from the pilot face in all partner countries: Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, UK. The material presented is going to be increased within the next months, since all partners are implementing M-LEARN methodology to schools the season 14/15 which is the current season.

The MLEARN project, a European Union (EU)-funded project, will explore and promote teacher development of mobile learning practices. The project will consider how teachers can develop and use pedagogies to support activities with learners using handheld or mobile devices in and outside classrooms. Handheld devices cost less than traditional ICT and can be used anywhere and everywhere, 24/7. We must consider the impact on learning of a personal device that accompanies a learner throughout the school day and goes home with him/her so learning can continue. Using smaller and more mobile technologies gives the potential to equip each learner with a device, which can accompany them anywhere. This creates the potential for learning that is more personalised, that is inclusive, and that extends beyond the classroom and provides scope for more independent learning.