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Welcome to the e-Learning platform for the Roma T&T project

Educational research has shown that one of the main reasons for the low educational performance of the Roma children is the absence of pre-school education. The fact that the Roma children are not prepared to deal with the school environment makes them think of school as something hostile and oppressive and therefore they leave it very easily.
Roma T&T project aims to deal with this problem by developing and testing a model for the organization of pre-school centers especially designed for Roma children that will prepare them (in the format of a nursery school) to be better prepared to integrate in the school environment.
The activities of these centers are taking into consideration the specific cultural background of the Roma children and are supervised by two intercultural intermediators, one Roma and one non-Roma.
The project consortium is constituted of 5 partners from 4 countries (Greece, Italy, Spain, Hungary) and represents all the major stakeholders in the sector (Roma Associations, organizations expert in the field of intercultural intermediation, organizations dealing with disadvantaged children organizations expert in the field of ICT based training).
The model for the organization of the pre-school centers will be transferable and exploitable in this e-learning environment. The availability of these courses and this model could increase significantly the amount and the quality of the pre-school education of the Roma children and thus they could contribute to the reduction of the number of early school leavers.